I spend a lot of my mornings scrolling through Soundcloud for new music and I’m often pretty unimpressed by what I find – after all, for all the good music that’s coming out, there’s also a lot of shit.

One of the tracks that caught my eye, however, was this teaser from Rain Man. I don’t know about the rest of you, but since hearing his debut single “Visionary” and seeing him solo for the first time in Los Angeles, I’ve been eagerly awaiting what he’ll throw out next.

I seriously doubt that his new track will be officially titled “Coming Soon”, but whatever it will be called, I can safely assume that this one will be big. Even I haven’t heard the full track. It cuts off right before the drop, leaving a lot of room for speculation as to what form this track will take in the full release, but my hair is standing on end regardless.

We’ll be sure to bring you the full track when it’s out. For now, put this 30-second clip on repeat and let your imagination go wild.


Image via Sean Moore Photography