I enjoy surfing the vast internet on a never ending quest for great music just like the rest of the world. There comes a time though when one stumbles across a piece so absurdly epic, you’ll race to tell your friends before they discover it themselves. Enter Boys Noize & Pilo’s new track, “Cerebral”, fresh off his upcoming Strictly Raw Volume 1 album. I first heard a clip of the song at the end of the HARD Summer’s 2015 announcement trailer and couldn’t get enough. Finally the day has come where Boys Noize has uploaded the track in its entirety to his Soundcloud and I wouldn’t be lying if I told you I am already guilty of brushing my teeth to this on multiple occasions.

“The idea of the Strictly Raw Vol 1. release is to take 1 drummachine + 1 or 2 synths and make a track with it. Over the last years friends came in and out of my studio and sometimes we end up jamming on my machines. Since it’s #BNR10YR I wanted to collect the good ones and put them all together and there is some serious magic going on 🙂 As a DJ you always look out for these timeless house or techno music and here are 9 tracks that go from breaks to techno to acid to classic house, all analog, all strictly raw !!”

Check out the evil track below and see if it doesn’t get your head banging just in time for the peak of festival season!