By now, you must be familiar with the epic and passionate flips being put out by LUCA LUSH faster than most other producers in the game. From Carmack to Drake to Baauer to Rae Sremmurd, it seems there’s no genre he can’t tackle and make his own. Luca’s latest edition comes in the form of an earth-shattering, multi-styled remix of SNBRN‘s “Raindrops” featuring Kerli.

Beginning with a wonderful piano interlude and the original’s vocals warped to fit Luca’s signature sound, the track quickly crackles into an explosive and beautifully slow future spin. The walls of synth that are separated by tight percussive breaks and snaps disappear before you want them to. After another verse and build, however, we return to bliss as Luca switches the vibe into a completely unexpected deep house heater.

Use the link on the Soundcloud track to download for free, and keep up with LUCA LUSH on his Facebook for more previews and imminent releases.