Welcome to the Terrordome.

That’s the message dance music’s Legion of Doom want to convey on “Carcosa.” This new superpower of Dieselboy, Downlink, Mark The Beast, and Mayhem have created something dangerously good with this collaboration. You don’t even have to get to the drop to know this song is going to be epic. Using one of the most iconic choral arrangements, “O Fortuna” from Carmina Burana by Carl Orff, “Carcosa” is one of the most cinematic bass tracks I’ve heard in a while. It loses a few points with the gun noises and hackeneyed “hey!” loops common in trap tracks, but “Carcosa” wins me over again with the use the heavy use of electric guitar and the drum cadence in the second drop.

“Carcosa” is out now on Subhuman x Uplink Audio and is available on Beatport¬†and iTunes.