In the seemingly endless waves of genres that flow through these EDM waters, finding the one you surf best as a producer definitely isn’t the easiest task to achieve. But if Geek Boy’s latest track is any inclination of what’s to come… cowabunga dude.

Having dabbled in moombahton, house, and everything in between, Geek Boy seems to have hit his stride running on “Fool”, the first single from his upcoming EP Troubled Waters (the surfing metaphor has officially come full circle). Seamlessly riding the line between future bass and chill trap, “Fool” delivers a bass and plucky synth medley that just oozes out the speakers and into your eardrums in the best way possible. With the previews from Troubled Waters sounding just as great as “Fool”, mark down the summer of 2015 as the moment Geek Boy blew up like a Hot Pocket after five minutes in the microwave. Take a listen to “Fool” along with some previews from the new album below, and make sure to check out Troubled Waters which drops on June 1st.