Close your eyes and listen closely… you hear that? No, not your stomach rumbling (although I do feel your pain), but the sound of the Avicii machine gearing up for a summer takeover.

In just the past couple of weeks, Mr. Berg launched a new marketing campaign with Volvo, debuted his cover of Nina Simone’s classic “Feeling Good”, and has dropped several hints regarding the direction of his upcoming album Stories. For the next rev of the engine, Avicii recently stopped by Tiesto’s Club Life podcast and debuted his latest single, “I’ll Be Gone.” Somewhat in the same lane of the gold selling “I Could Be The One,” the track features an uplifting melody, catchy vocals, and a plethora of warm synths.

“I’ll Be Gone” has not been confirmed as a part of Stories, but from what we’ve heard from the Swede so far this year, you can expect a wide range of sounds from Avicii in 2015. Check out the track below as well as his visit to Tiesto’s Club Life podcast.