On April 14th of 2014, the Austrian producer Dead Battery was struck by a car while out on his motorcycle. For three weeks after the incident, he lie motionless in a coma. After finally waking up, several months of rehabilitation were endured in a specialized hospital in his home country. Everything from relearning how to walk and to eat took place. During that time he also had access to a computer, with which he was able to produce an entire album of songs.

Chapter 1 – Dreaming Into The Void [listen]

Released several weeks ago was Chapter 1 of his Recovery EP, dubbed “Dreaming In The Void”. An intensely moving set of songs that tells his story better than words could communicate. He recounts this period of his recovery as pure unconsciousness. One does not know when one is asleep, and with a coma, it is the same way, but deeper. With sparse arrangements dominated by airy pads, warm keys and the occasional vocal, this chapter serves as the darkness that he withstood.

His music is every bit as deep as the back story to its creation. Every song will grab your heart and make you feel feelings. It’s dark and tragic, beautiful and enlightening, it’s everything you would imagine a recovery process would feel like.

Chapter 2 – Kindling Of The Flame [listen]

Being lost in reality is a frightening experience. After awakening from a coma, one is in a state of confusion. While in this stage, Dead Battery had to reconnect with reality in a way that can’t be imagined by most people. A more aggressive sound characterizes the second chapter, where vocals and drums become even more prominent.

“Something has happened, but what exactly was it?”

Chapter 3 – The Road To Recovery

Now that a working consciousness has almost been fully regained, Dead Battery is starting his path of peaceful vengeance. He begins to comprehend that it will take a lot of time and effort for a new state of normalcy to come to fruition. His mind and body have been through a tremendous amount, and this recent episode is only partially reconstructed in memory. A reconstruction of the self takes place with these next four tracks that toy with disparate emotions.

The Furry Stranger

“The Furry Stranger” is the embodiment of a newfound energy. This helping hand is leading Dead Battery, but to what? After a minute of setting a fresh, mellow tone of a thankful sadness, a bustling drum beat comes in to set things in motion. Soon the figurative steps are augmented by epic horns as the ascension begins. It shall have its hurdles along the way, but with “The Furry Stranger,” there’s a palpable hope in the air.


“Floating” begins like a warm blanket of sound. A thankful Tobias has awoken to friends, family, and even strangers that are lending their support to his recovery. He has his own strength, but he is not in this by himself now. When one is ready to live alone, one can truly bask in the company of others. This light-hearted composition is indicative of an authentic optimism being solidified.

Journey Abroad

The “Journey Abroad” is an exercise of the imagination. Tobias has just regained control of his traumatized brain, and now he is erupting with emotions. There’s so much to be said, there’s so much to be done; he delivers a few those expressions in one complete package here. Despite being constricted in a physical space, he has his way of moving around, in his mind.

City By The River

The “City by The River” is a vantage point. Now that Dead Battery has risen from the hospital bed, and subsequently walked out on his own two feet, he is at a point of introspection. What is taking place is both the reflection of the past, and the rumination of the future.

Dead Battery is just one of the plethora of amazing artists Kannibalen Records has to be proud of. Stay tuned as more chapters of Dead Battery’s story and music unfold. For those who would like to pre-order the full album, you can do so on iTunes.


Source: Kannibalen Records

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