After teasing a little mini-tour and Buygore’s Miami Party, and after Buygore’s pool party livestream the other day where “Visionary” was first announced, we finally get to hear the final product.

The most noticeable thing, right off the bat, are the lyrics in the first verse. Just as the lyrics in “Say Goodbye”, Krewella’s first track after the breakup, are extremely poignant and personal, Rain Man fires back with a rather personal verse of his own. See what he has to say:

“I’m a fucking visionary / But they brushed me off / If I was dead would they love me then / Or would I be forgot”

Disregarding the grammatical error in the fourth line, it’s a pretty transparent jab at the Yousaf sisters; it’s also a war cry. Rain Man will not be forgotten as he keeps his head up and in the game. And with a team like Buygore behind him, he’s sure to have a lot of publicity and management power behind him. We’re still not exactly sure how much new material Kris Trindl has in the coffers, and we likely won’t know until he starts his mini-tour. But one thing is for sure, he’s back and he’s not intending to go anywhere but up.

“Visionary” is a trap tune, replacing Krewella’s vocals for those of Sirah – of (mostly) Skrillex fame. It’s harsh, loud and wild – precisely the qualities that an artist wants to emphasize when they release a track on Buygore. Take a listen below.