Dada Life thrives on raising the bar when it comes to their live shows. In 2013, they unveiled the Dada Life Compound, a curated event in select cities that was 100% chaos. After their success of the compounds (where they even set a Guinness World Record for the world’s largest pillow fight), they teamed with Insomniac last summer to bring fans the inaugural Voyage, a camping festival and epic concert in San Bernadino, California. This year, the Voyage will return in an even bigger way, with more Dada than you’re probably prepared for. The Swedish duo announced that they’ll be playing two sets: one traditional set and one of just the ‘classics.’ For fans of the banana loving bad boys, this is the ultimate experience that shouldn’t be missed. Tickets are currently $61 and an additional $105 for tent camping. Check out the trailer below, which features a brand new Dada Life track too!