James Murphy, former member of supergroup LCD Soundsystem, has recently unveiled plans to open his very own wine bar in Williamsburg, NY. Now retired from the festival stage, Murphy hopes to redirect his efforts into creating a luxurious, wine and dine experience for patrons that are sure to flock from around the country.

I need something with really low margins, high risk, brutal hours and which I have no experience at.

Justin Chearo, a wine consultant and longtime friend of Murphy, says that it’s something they’ve been planning for years. The bar is to be called The Four Horsemen, and will be located at 295 Grand Street. The menu will begin with around 160 wine selections to choose from, in addition to both small and substantial food courses. With over 350 wines being Murphy’s ultimate goal, it seems that this passion project is something that will continue to grow for many years to come.

The bar will seat around 40 patrons at a time, and will take reservations. In the construction of the building itself, Murphy “paid close attention to ‘tuning’ the acoustics of the Four Horsemen as if it were a recording studio, mounting noise-soaking burlap on the walls and cedar slats and sound-absorption panels along the ceiling so that conversations can proceed at a civilized cadence.” Whether or not the bar is able to compete with others in the Williamsburg area, it will surely be an experience dance music fans won’t want to miss.


Source: NY Times | Photo: MusicTimes