My first camping experience at a festival was Coachella 2010, and then there was a major gap between that and my most recent one – Serenity Gathering, this year.

While the overall experience of camping has remained rather static the past five years, camping technology has improved by leaps and bounds. Companies have noticed the rising popularity of camping festivals and have been ramping up their R&D to match demand for better-produced and cooler looking tents and camping gear.

According to Supercompressor, Lotus Belle tents should be your go-to choice for luxury in the wilderness.

The tents are made from high-quality treated canvas, so they’re durable and resistant to mold, mildew, and fire.

Yes, fire.

There are several styles available across two sizes a 13-foot diameter model with 9.8 foot ceilings, and another 16-foot diameter model with 10.5 foot ceilings.

They’re ultra-portable, claiming that the entire rig can fit in a duffle bag. (We don’t doubt it can fit in there when you first get it. Putting it back in is another story entirely.) It won’t come cheap, though.

The 13-foot version starts at $1,800, while the 16-foot starts at $2,250.

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