Big room fans hit the back button. We’re going old (maybe a bit new) school tech house with this one. The Martinez Brothers have released a massive amount of free new house music under the alias Masters At Dutch with their Masters Collection Volume 1.

The Martinez Bros aka Masters at Dutch have been in the game for a minute, working with the greats like Seth Troxler and exemplify the essence of underground New York House. Bass heavy, percussion driven, pure and to the point house music is the name of the game for these guys.

Unfortunately, they’ve created such a lengthy catalog here that makes writing about each individual track quite difficult. On the plus side, they’ve made a collection that speaks for itself. From acid lines to laser stabs, there’s a whole plethora of true to roots house music up in this bitch. For me the stand out pieces are Come to Kingsbridge, Four Day Weekend, and Bene Debt. I’m sure with the rich selection Masters at Dutch have offered, you’ll find a tune that will set your feet on fire. There’s a lot of underground gold to be had here. Be sure to peep it below and cop your free download. Long live the underground!

Be sure to catch them on the road at the dates below:

5/14 – Los Angeles – 1006 S. Oliver St.
5/15 – Las Vegas –  LiFE (All Gone Pete Tong)
5/16 – Denver – Vinyl
5/18 – Toronto – Electric Island (Tuskegee)
5/21 – Philadelphia – The Dolphin
5/22 – Washington – Flash
5/23 – Detroit – Movement Electronic Music Festival
5/24 – New York – Mysteryland