Fitness is officially in with many fanatics hitting the gym and staying persistent with daily workouts. Trainers and fitness specialists are constantly combining new and innovative ways to get people up and moving, but fitness is not for everyone.

Some people prefer the night-life and instead engage in social activities like dancing and perhaps even hard-style shuffling, without even being aware that they are subconsciously giving their bodies an extensive work-out.

Introducing a new way to get fit, inspired by the rave and party scene, the ((305)) Fitness founded by New Yorker Sadie Kurzban, a former Brown University student. The young entrepreneur created this program in mind for people like me, lazy bums who would not even think of lifting a dumbbell, but go insane on the dance floor. The program is a combination of high intensity interval training with a multitude of dance moves, accompanied by the latest and greatest dance hoppers and remixes burning over 800 calories per workout.

Kurzban set this program in mind for party-goers who can not only enjoy themselves through this activity, but also lose their anticipated weight. The program was successfully launched after a grant of $75,000 was offered to Kurzban through the university’s entrepreneurship contest. Grab a couple friends and enjoy an exceptionally unique party-fitness experience. Check out the video below:


Photos: Haute Living