Only hours after uploading his finished collaboration with Grabbitz (and seconds before I started writing that article), deadmau5 dropped another surprise track featuring none other than Kaskade and Skylar Grey on vocals.

Once again a sub-two-minute teaser, “beneath with me” builds slowly, dripping with suspense and mystery. Deadmau5 and Kaskade, when together, have always had a specific ability to elicit emotions with a single, simple chord and this is absolutely no different.

According to Joel, this is “a song about a dead person singing to a not dead person to come be dead with them. thats the idea anyway.” [sic]

While 2 minutes is far too short to truly enjoy this masterful production, we are simply ecstatic at the fact that a deadmau5 and Kaskade collaboration is truly happening and well underway. As always we will be sure to update you as we know more.

Photo by Sonia Recchia/WireImage