Chris Lake‘s last chune, ‘Chest’ had me sitting in a dark room thinking about life for several days after listening. Unfortunately, I’m headed back to the broom closet for a couple hours with Chris Lake and fellow Chris, Chris Lorenzo’s newest heater Piano Hand.

Alright, now that I’ve settled in to contemplate existence, let’s talk a bit about Piano Hand. As you might expect there’s some nice house piano. Really, really, nice house piano. Hats off to Lake & Lorenzo with the glitchy, repetitious, yet infectious line that gives the tune its title.

The hook is solid gold. Somewhat of a Chest 2.0 vibe to this one with the chopped vocal line. Staggered kicks and the vox blend like butter, and while I’m not a psychologist I think it may have erased the memory of the time I got pantsed in 6th grade wearing whitie-tighties. It’s that good. The fills are on point and it’s just plain clever on the whole. Don’t miss this one kids. Peep it below and cop it here via Beatport!


Chris Lake & Chris Lorenzo – Piano Hand (Original Mix)