Last night at the 2015 Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas, attendees witnessed a live performance from none other than Kanye West. Performing one of his most recent singles “All Day” and the Yeezus hit “Black Skinhead,” the music itself was nothing out of the ordinary. What made this performance special was the almost complete lack of vision due to the copious amounts of fog and pyrotechnics. Throughout the entire performance, Kanye’s silhouette was barely visible behind flumes of smoke and bursts of flame. During his introduction from Kylie and Kendall Jenner and at the close of his set he received boos from the people in attendance. According to Billboard:

His set was also heavily censored, and according to sources at the show, was also booed during the intro of his song, and booed at the end of his set.

Due to the profanity in his lyrics, ABC censored substantial chunks of his songs, some lasting more than a minute long. This chaos resulted in a half-blind, half-muted performance that Kanye haters will certainly eat up. While we (not so) patiently await the eventual release of his album, now titled SWISH, take a look at his BBMA performance below.

While the televised performance was basically unwatchable, the crowd had a fantastic seat to the witness of a man who gave a giant middle finger to awards shows.

Photo: UsVTh3m | Source: ConsequenceofSound/NME