Following the release of his hit track “Name & Number,” Shift K3Y has been on a roll — but it didn’t start there.

His debut single ‘Touch’ landed the 20-year-old a #3 charting track on the UK pop charts. Since then, he has signed with Columbia UK and Ultra Music in the US, remixed Iggy Azalea and Tinie Tempah, and hit the studio with Chaka Khan and Robin Thicke for his upcoming LP. His talent stems from his status as a classically trained musician, and a father in renowned band BlockheadsShift ttruly represents a new chapter in electronic music. As a vocalist, producer, DJ performer, and instrumentalist, Shift K3Y is the whole package. Despite his young age, Shift‘s wisdom and knowledge on the history of music, and penchant for infusing old school flavor into this music is truly remarkable. It plays a huge factor into the crossover appeal of his tracks.

“Name & Number” has just had a remix EP released on Ultra Music yesterday, featuring the likes of Wax MotifKideko, and a special VIP from the man himself.

In commemoration of this release, we’re bringing you “10 Things You Didn’t Know About Shift K3Y,” straight from his mouth to your webpage.

10 Things You Didn’t Know:

1. im a gemini
2. i used to do magic when i was a kid
3. i hate bananas
4. Left handed.
5. i dont watch tv.
6. i own 40 pairs of trainers.
7. im british.
8. i dont support football.
9. i dont drink tea.
10. i have a rap alter ego…

I think we might have had a feeling about #7, but the rest is all new info.

Purchase Name & Number Remixes on iTunes now.