Breaking news – A young woman, Brittany Hickman, has filed a lawsuit against EDM super-star Steve Aoki for, get this, breaking her neck. It happened three years ago at the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego and video evidence from nearby surveillance seems to lend more merit to her lawsuit.

After ascending a nearly 20 foot scaffolding Aoki is seen jumping onto a raft in the crowd, and makes a landing that we believe could actually break someone’s neck as he clearly depresses the raft significantly, hardly lessening the fall. The result was an unconscious Brittany who later found out that her neck was indeed broken, and to this day the pain reportedly hasn’t gone away. The lawsuit extends to include the Hard Rock Hotel as well as Aoki, and deservedly so.

Fresh from tour cancellations due to emergency surgery it appears that Aoki’s life is about to get even more hectic when this all goes to court. Check out the video from a local news channel below.

H/T ABC 10 News | Photo by Rukes