One of the most recognizable staples of the modern DJ booth setup is the laptop resting on a raised platform, spewing cords into the various pieces of equipment below. Even though the DJing tools, access to production software, and familiarity of use make laptops a longtime veteran of the stage, Intel and DJ Qbert may have just made an even more efficient performance device.

The new chips, called Edison processors, have the ability to replace laptops as the primary hub for digital DJing. They have applications that can manipulate audio playback as well as production hardware like drum machines and keyboards.
Currently, Edison only costs $55 and can be plugged into almost any performance device imaginable. The artist then can insert a USB drive containing any samples or tracks they want to use for their set. Along with onboard memory, Edison features a dual core 500MHz CPU and a 100 MHz Quark microcontroller. DJ Qbert and his Thud Rumble team, with support from Intel, have truly crafted something that could change the way DJs interact with their hardware.

Photos: FactMag | Source: FactMag / EDM