The Glitch Mob left me with an existential afterglow for days after the first time I saw them last year. The performance itself was unlike anything I had ever seen – each member had their own set-up, with everything tilted forward for fans to glimpse at their instruments. They were also accompanied by drums, and an unbelievable set of LED panels for visuals. This perfectly synchronized ensemble was also known as “The Blade”.

The Glitch Mob have put together behind-the-scenes footage for fans and newbies alike to have an exclusive look at the making of this set-up, created by Martin Phillips, the mastermind behind Daft Punk‘s infamous pyramid. The documentary project, which was two years in the making, reveals the concept behind “The Blade:” an apocalyptic art installation infused with futuristic elements component of the entire show, complete with control software. The film also provides insight into its functionality and how it is able to encompass the audience with a phenomenal visual effect.  Check out the full documentary below:

Want to see “The Blade” live? Tickets for The Glitch Mob’s latest tour are available online.

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