We all remember when DJ Mag’s Top 100 Clubs poll came out, right? No? Well, that’s neither here nor there.

During this year’s poll, DJ Mag added an additional question that has been a long time coming. With the rise of festivals around the world, the question had to be asked – which one is the best?

Far from an objective look at festivals worldwide, voters overwhelmingly chose Belgium’s Tomorrowland as the world’s #1 festival. However, it does make sense.

Tomorrowland, as far as I know it having never gone, seems to have one of the closest resemblances to a legitimate community as far as electronic festivals go worldwide. Electric Daisy Carnival comes close, but the lack of camping cuts off that degree of togetherness.

With over 4 million subscribers to their YouTube channel and and recent aftermovies clocking over 125 million views, it is clear that the Tomorrowland experience goes way beyond the 160,000 attendees of the festival. In this modern world, fans are developed online and can experience some of the festival’s vibe from watching the live streams.


Source: DJ Mag