It’s not everyday the #1 DJ in the world vets you. When Dyro was hand selected by Hardwell to be one of the next biggest DJs, he and Dannic were relatively unknown. In just four years though, Dyro (born Jordy Van Egmond) has gone from tour support to festival headliner and one of DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs.

In a recent profile from DJ Mag, Dyro waxes poetic about his time with Revealed Recordings, the label that signed many of his first tracks back in 2011. At this time Hardwell was rising up the ranks with tunes like “Spaceman,” as EDM was entering the Golden Age. His success helped fuel the careers of people like Dyro, who played alongside him and other Revealed artists at shows. Their close friendship and time spent together with Dannic, as well, has resulted in some of his most memorable moments, even leading him to consider the possibility of a super group between the three of them. Though if that were to ever happen (fingers crossed), Dyro promises that it would be legit and involve official releases instead of just performing together.

“For a supergroup, I would like to do something bigger than just a back-to-back set. We would have to go into the studio together and work on some tracks, do a release or two and make it something really unique, I wouldn’t want to mislead the fans and dress it up as something more than it actually is, I hate it when DJs do that.”

Today, Dyro has gone the traditional route most DJs take, using the knowledge gained under his mentor and friend. He now juggles extensive touring, a podcast, and his own label Wolv which is still in its infancy. You can learn more about Dyro and just how much Revealed and Wolv mean to him in DJ Mag’s profile here.