San Holo‘s name should be entering your realm of attention, if it wasn’t there already. With an immense catalogue of work under his belt, along with the newly established support from Monstercat, it’s fair to say that we’ll be seeing him around for a long time to come.

His most recent release comes in the form of a diverse, three song EP titled “Victory“. The bold tracks each embody a life and emotion of their own, and combine to form a truly beautiful and spiritual journey.

The first track “Victory” begins with a chaotic mold of ominous background swells and bright, sparkling stings of bell. The beat eventually emerges as San Holo’s notorious synth sections make a welcome appearance. The break becomes a simple yet full anthem perfect for the approaching summer vibes. The second time through displays arpeggiated blips and singing walls of synth that sit next to rhythmic vocal loops in a satisfying and measured manner.

The next one, “Hold Fastft. Tessa Douwstra comes with its very own music video (shown below)! Featuring original and haunting vocals from Tessa along with unique percussion and an entirely catchy melody, this track is sure to be a fan favorite. San Holo gleefully plays with the melodic range as he sends his sounds to tall heights and deep lows during the riffs that characterize the track. Watch the video below for the full experience.

Finally, “Shrooms” winds the EP down with a much needed trap heater. Given its immensely slow rhythm, the track allows you to groove out more than throw down. Just when you think you’ve heard all it has to offer, however, San Holo sends it in a completely new direction with grainy, relentless synth holds worthy of a good head bang. The rest of the song remains a darker, more hip hop oriented testament to his capability behind the keyboard.

Download the full EP on iTunes, and keep up with San Holo on his Facebook page.