Cutting ecstasy pills with other substances is not news, in and of itself. But when certain pills are identified to be the cause of death, it should be the responsibility of news outlets to let people know and to stay away from those specific brands.

Ana Hick, a young woman in Ireland, collapsed and died last Saturday after reportedly taking a “yellow grenade, a pink superman and a blue ghost.”

Ecstasy itself is non-lethal, but often leads to health complications including heat stroke and dehydration that could result in death. Users were warned off of the “yellow grenades” specifically in the days prior to Hick’s death, citing bleach and heroin to be among the contaminants in the cut.

No autopsy has been released at this time, and cause of death has not been officially verified.

It’s important that users know what they’re buying before they take anything. Sites like and tools like test kits are all useful in knowing what’s in your drugs.