Big Sean‘s single ‘IDFWU’ has been sliding across the airwaves for a solid minute now and quite a few heads have tried their hand at a remix. Which we appreciate, since the original is a fairly polarizing piece of music; most people either love it or hate it. So when an edit from none other than Bleep Bloop came down the pipeline, we were definitely curious to see what the Northern California bass-hustler had in store.

Unsurprisingly, he did not disappoint; the tune is as grimy as they come. The dubstep influence is strong on this one, with shuffling drum beats supporting waves of 8-bit sub-bass. Whistling synth-work rounds things out with a piercing dose of high-end. In contrast to this, the vocals are pitched down until Sean sounds like a robot that’s glitching out from an overdose of a purple drank. We had the privilege of hearing this tune live and direct at Emissions Festival and it rattled us to our core; you’ll definitely want to hook it up to the biggest sound system you have available and lose your mind to the beat. Check out the full stream of Bleep Bloop‘s ‘IDFWU’ remix after the jump and grab a copy of your own if you’re feeling the vibe!


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