In a surprising shock-drop to the music world, Harley Streten delivers a brand new song that is dark and marvelous. The man behind the Flume moniker has brought his latest tune into this year and features vocals from Andrew Wyatt, the lead singer of Miike Snow. The new song “Some Minds” ends the relevant silence in original music Flume has released under this name since 2013 where he released the Lockjaw EP with Chet Faker. However, he has released several remixes on SoundCloud in between including his different takes on “Tennis Courts” by Lorde, “Afterlife” by Arcade Fire, and most recently “Lay Me Down” by Sam Smith.

What Flume brings to the table with “Some Minds” is a little different than many of his compositions of the past. The demand to hear the same bass-laced groove has risen and has yet to dissipate. Andrew’s vocals slip into a fuzzy drumline complimented by the sound of gentle fingers snapping. Flume has no problem giving Andrew a large chunk of the spotlight in this song as he coos in tranquility and sings in charge over the instrumental. Around the three minute mark, expect the Harley overhaul to commence with his sultry basslines and glitchy plucks. What you’re going to hear in this new Flume song is a combination of enticing voice-work and captivating sound design that amount into one glorious tune.

Along with the new song, Flume ties it together with a music video that is trippy and mysterious. Matching the song’s dark essence, the video shows a floating Flume moving to a theater of sorts. There, a dancing Flume is stretched and morphed with visual aids to an artistic degree. With the song currently only found with the music video, YouTube is the only place to find Flume’s “Some Minds” until further notice. Head over to Pitchfork’s YouTube channel, give it a listen, and let us know what you think of it. Whether you are a veteran fan of future bass or just hearing about Flume, this track is worth losing yourself into without apology.

Source: Pitchfork