It’s pretty much a given at this point. If Anjunabeats is putting out a compilation, it will be quality. Actually, I think that’s actually a prerequisite. For 15 installments, both Anjunabeats and¬†Anjunabeats Worldwide’s compilations have been a staple for the London label, showcasing the best and brightest trance and progressive tracks of the time period. While the Anjunabeats compilations are yearly, double CDs mixed by Above & Beyond, Anjunabeats Worldwide (like their podcasts) are compiled by other stars and aren’t released as often.

You’ll have to go back to 2012 to find Worldwide 04, mixed by Maor Levi and featuring tunes from Mat Zo, Boom Jinx, and Norin & Rad. This year’s mixer ilan Bluestone hadn’t even released a track on the label yet, but in the two years since “Sinai,” ilan has earned mixing duties this year with worthy collaborations, two EPs, and remixes of some our favorite Above & Beyond tunes.

While ilan is known for his club-leveling anthems like “Big Ben” and “Tension” (with Jerome Isma-ae), Worldwide 05 requires more finesse, as the 16-track CD has to be a journey for its fans. The opening trio of “Take Off” (ilan), “Lotus” (Fehrplay), and “Cloudchaser” (ilan) are much more subtle, progressive tunes to ease the listener in. It isn’t until Jerome’s remix of Above & Beyond’s “Hello” that the compilation starts to open up into the more epic soundscape many are used to hearing from the label, a sentiment echoed in Kyau & Albert‘s “Color Field.”

ilan completes his first hat trick on Worldwide 05 with “All These Wounds,” a massive collab alongside¬†BT. It’s also the first vocal track, one of only five that appear on the compilation. He calls on Anjuna’s veterans for a more rhythmic midsection, starting with Soundprank‘s powerful “Legion,” and ending with Andrew Bayer‘s stunning “Do Androids Dream Pt.2.” Above & Beyond’s “Peace of Mind” serves as a sort of brief, melodic interlude before the final third of the album packs another serious wallop, with Bayer’s “Super Human,” “Atlas” from Wrechiski & Jason Ross, and ilan’s latest single “43” rounding things out.

To create a seamless, yet incredibly diverse CD in only 16 tracks is no small feat, but ilan Bluestone was the right man for the job. Anjunabeats Worldwide 05 not only encompasses all the label has to offer, but still manages to set itself apart from its yearly counterpart. With stunning soundscapes from Soundprank and Andrew Bayer, contrasted against beautiful vocal tunes form Above & Beyond and Super8 & Tab’s, this is a compilation that will be in heavy rotation this summer. You can purchase the CD on iTunes or stream it on Spotify now.