Known for his stunning deep/progressive remakes of classic tunes from acts like Cazzette, The Chainsmokers, and the more recent “Till Sunrise” from Goldroom, TJ Sarda, better known as Thero, has been making waves with each and every release as of late. Currently representing the best from NYC while maintaining his sunshine state roots, he has gained himself a large amount of followers this year with his smooth grooves and bright tropical melodies.

Employing a well executed live guitar in this one, Thero shows that producing can be done with more than just midi notes on a keyboard. A sparse layer of percussion and atmospheric effects set the tone perfectly for the pitched vocals from Goldroom that come next. As Thero crafts his basslines with a unique drum patterns rather than the traditional four on the floor rhythms, he then raises the tone of the track with another live guitar soaring above a perfect track to get your summer started off right. Grab it as a free download!