South African artist Nora En Pure‘s music is pure bliss. I’ll admit, I am completely out of the loop when it comes to indie dance and deep house, but Nora En Pure’s Into The Wild EP has definitely put her on my radar.

Title track “Into The Wild” starts out slow, with euphoric synths dancing atop clean beats. Uplifting strings take over the melody as the track gradually builds up energy, making this a perfect song for the summer. Second track “U Got My Body” is much deeper, with a hypnotizing, deep beat and a melody made up of horns and trumpets. Although this track leans much more towards the club scene, it still has the etherial feel that Nora En Pure’s songs all seem to have.

The EP is available now on Beatport. Check out both of the tracks below, as well as a short interview.

What made you want to start producing music?

There is a lot of artistic freedom in electronic music, that fascinated me from the beginning on. You can reinvent yourself many times and try new things. However in the meantime it has become more challenging as you should follow the style that made your followers support you, but in the same time not get stuck at one point with the same music.

Where did the inspiration for your Into the Wild EP come from?

The title track picks up the typical NEP sound, it points out my love for classical music while still being light and tropical. The strings keeps it uplifting but a little bit dramatic in the same time. It’s one of my favourite pieces of music that has all the magic elements combined.
‘U Got My Body’ on the other hand was a bit more experimental. I love the horn and trumpets, so I built the track around them. The breaks, build up and vocals catch the audience completely, which makes it super fun to play live.

Where would you say is your favorite place that you have traveled to?

Without a doubt my home country South Africa, specifically the wilderness.

How did you like touring in the US?

I always have a lot of fun in the US. It is a different touring experience than in Europe, and people are often ready to party which makes it obviously quite nice for me.

Favorite songs to listen to right now?

Currently I like to listen to tracks like they LYNOX remix of ‘I’ll Be Good’ – Jaymes Good or the Galantis & Elgot VIP remix of ‘Gold Dust’.
For my sets however I enjoy also funky house tracks like EDX’s recent ‘Remember House’.

What’s an average day like for you?

When I’m home I first take my puppy for a walk which also helps me to actually wake up. Then I do mails and labelwork – possibly in my garden. Late afternoons I try to work on new mixes if I feel like it (by forcing, I dont really get anywhere satisfying…) The touring also takes quite some energy so often I have a few days of recovering at home with my friends and family.