At Monstercat‘s recent Label Showcase event in Toronto, Porter Robinson premiered a very special Mat Zo remix of his hit track “Flicker” during one of the most diverse sets of the night. Even though this song was released nearly a year ago, giving ample time for the influx of other remixes to grow stale, it has beat the odds and proudly withstood the test of time. Mat Zo’s flip takes the original vibe to an entirely new level, with powerful production and inventiveness.

Earlier this month at Los Angeles’s Exchange club, Mat Zo played out this track himself in front of a stunned crowd. While the person filming missed the first drop due to the chaos, he managed to capture the energy and effect of the last half. Watch below, and get ready to hear this one at a festival near you.

On their Twitch channel, Monstercat managed to capture almost the entirety of Porter’s set. To see this track in context with the rest of the evening, watch the recording below. (The video cuts out from 36:33 until 1:06:16)