The best new headphones you’ll see all year, AXEL, have arrived – nearly.

Born out of a desire to allow the consumer to customize their listening experience, AXEL Audio’s headphones feature interchangeable headbands, cords, and most importantly: speaker elements. Called “Soundscapes,” these elements are custom-tuned to cater to different listening styles, enabling the user to seamlessly change between deeper bass or more balanced audio in seconds without the distortion of digital EQs. The three different Soundscapes are Deep, Pure, and Core; and their intended uses are described below.




AXEL Audio announced this revolutionary new product via Kickstarter, and although they have reached their goal of $180,000 you can still back the project here, and in-turn receive a heavily discounted pair of modular headphones ($99 as opposed to the projected retail price of $150-180).

Explore the new and exciting world of AXEL Audio in their five minute Kickstarter video below – you’ll see why we are already obsessed.