In last year’s second TomorrowWorld, promoters ID&T and SFX rocked the nation. Bringing 160,000 people together from over 75 countries and all over the US, TomorrowWorld is Georgia’s biggest festival ever, and one of the largest 21+ festivals in the entire country. Of those attendees, over 40,000 camped and created a small microcommunity of their own in Dreamville.

The entire concept of TomorrowWorld, sister to Tomorrowland in Belgium, is larger than life. And to that end, a lot of the proceeds from the festival make it back into the state’s economy and helps everyone at every level of the production process – whether you’re a stage builder, hotel owner, chef, baker, custodian – it all comes back.

  • $93.9M of economic activity across the state, with $71.8M in new economic activity in the Atlanta region
    • This equals a 9% increase in Atlanta economic activity from TomorrowWorld 2014 vs. 2013. This is largely due to the increase in the number of participant days, but also because per-participant local spending increased 35% — from roughly $90 per-participantin 2013 to $122 per person in 2014.
  • $173M in combined economic impact from TomorrowWorld 2013 and 2014
  • $30.5M in labor income for workers in the Atlanta region
  • $4.7M in state and local taxes in Georgia, including $2.9M in state and local taxes from activity in the Atlanta region
  • 56% increase in participant spending from 2013-2014
  • 3.5 days were spent on average in the Atlanta area, per TomorrowWorld visitor.


“We are passionate about bringing beauty, positivity and unforgettable experiences to TomorrowWorld’s visitors each year,” said Jamie Reilly, project director of TomorrowWorld. “These numbers are a humbling reminder that our work has a significant impact to our local community and home.”

TomorrowWorld has announced its Phase 1 headliners, and hotel accommodations will go on sale next week.