Never say never, but Martin Garrix says you’ll never hear his voice on any of his tracks … ever.

Do you sing at all?
“I will never, never ever sing on stage but when I’m in the studio I do sing melody lines. When I’m working with singer-songwriters and I hear melodies, I can guide them. I will be like, ‘Oh no, do this this this’. But you will never hear my voice on a Martin Garrix track.”

Why is that?
“Because I can’t sing! I don’t have the voice… I think. I like myself still kind of being… because DJs used to be the background guy – the guy who was just doing the music – I see myself more as that guy than being on the stage.”

I know of at least a few producers who use effects on their voices to mask their presence on tracks, either through auto-tune, vocoders, or straight up chopping them. But Garrix seems pretty adamant about the fact that you’ll never hear his voice on a track or hear him sing on stage; and if that’s the right move for him, which it might be, then that’s fine.

We’re still waiting for his debut album, anyhow.


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Image via Rukes