Just … fuck.

For all you metal heads that started listening to Skrillex in the beginning and loved that harsh, raw sound, Sullivan King is the hero you never knew existed.

Well versed in metal and scream, Sullivan King injects a particular brand of nastiness into all of his productions, drawing out the head banger in us all. Remixing Castor Troy’s “If We Could Only See Us Now,” Sullivan King wastes no time in letting us know what he’s about with screams right at the get-go.

Wait until the drop though to let out your inner beast as the rough and discordant sounds tear at your ears … but in a good way. Tempos shift and rhythms undulate as the track blows through various influences, including a quite clear nod to Rage Against The Machine around the 1:55 mark. The second drop moves into an unrelenting drum & bass section, leaving listeners with the urge to throw their arms around in an entirely haphazard fashion.

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Download Sullivan King’s “If We Could Only See Us Now” for free here.

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