It was just a couple weeks back that Geek Boy set the table with “Fool” as an appetizer for his upcoming EP Troubled Waters. Well, the main course has finally arrived, and it’s fair to say the British producer was definitely getting busy in the kitchen for this one.

The new EP consists of two tracks, the first being “Don’t Wanna Leave Your Side”. In a harmonious mesh of Future Bass and Jersey Club, the bipolar tempos on the track give you the best of both genres, leaving you spinning in a whirlwind of audio goodness. It begins with that familiar Jersey Club bounce (ladened with robot vocals to boot) before skydiving into the land of low tempo where lush full snyths take the spotlight. Geek Boy’s hypnotizing plucking synth makes it’s return as well, and it’s just as effective as it was on “Fool”.

The second track “We Can Run Away” sets up shop in low tempo ville, and provides a dark alternative to “Don’t Wanna Leave Your Side.” Geek Boy’s plucking synths make another appearance, although this time with some rapid fire action providing a nice duality to the slower backdrop. Catching you off guard towards the latter half of the track are the eerie yet soothing vocals, which smoothly end up taking you all the way to the finish line.

Known for previously dabbling in a plethora of genres, Troubled Waters shows Geek Boy has seemingly found his home. If the old adage “always keep them wanting more” still rings true as a recipe for success, Geek Boy is well on his way to a major summer. With the synths getting crisper, the bass getting louder, and each song getting better, the sky seems to be the limit for the British producer. For our audio benefit, let’s hope he continues to soar.