The LA-based collective WeDidIt currently boasts one of the most diverse and talented rosters in the scene. Hosting such artists as RL Grime, Shlohmo, and Ryan Hemsworth, the collective represents a vast array of sounds and styles that are blended into one unique and meaningful image. Two singer/songwriters are also involved alongside the producers, bringing entirely novel and personal elements to the gang’s material. Purple, influenced heavily by R&B/soul, has just released the debut single off of his upcoming 11-song album Silence and Remorse called “The Deepest Night“.

The track opens with an echoey loop of wispy, personified beeps that quickly fades away into a slow but tight percussion section alongside deep resonant bass. When the vocals enter the space, the atmosphere becomes completely immersed in airy reverb and breath. The track’s various elements infuse into a passionate and wild plea as The Weeknd-esque background vocals are thrown high and low around the main verse. “The Deepest Night” is a heavy, anthemic ballad full of both antique instrumental choices and modern approaches to production.

Pre-order Silence and Remorse here, and visit Purple’s Soundcloud page to download this single for free!