I feel like with this remix, HeRobust has totally hit his sweet spot. The last thing I want to do is pigeonhole an artist, but HeRobust … please keep making more stuff like this!

This is definitely one of the cleanest tracks I’ve heard in a minute. It’s taking me so long to write this review because I keep just getting distracted by this tune, I can’t concentrate it’s so good. It’s so future, I can’t even…

The production is seamless and so well designed, the rises and falls are some of the smoothest sounds I’ve heard in a long while and while this is undeniably future bass, I want to call it something like “bubble trap” just to convey how young it makes me feel. Seriously, it feels like I’m in elementary school again with all the ignorance and happiness that I could muster. The bassline is hypnotic, the vocals are mesmerizing, the beat is entrancing.

HeRobust is love. HeRobust is life.