I love my job. I seriously do. I get sent so many dope tracks that it’s a lot like this sometimes…


But seriously, in my job, it’s important that the people you have sending you music know what you like and this one individual in particular knows me to a ‘T’. I love Drum & Bass, but I’m not a big fan of its roots – the jungle, the jump up, some of the neuro, it just doesn’t vibe with me.

So when I hear some classic UK DnB sounds with a new twist, I’m all game. That’s precisely where I’m at with this tune, incorporating some elements of hip hop and a phenomenal top line to accentuate that crystal clear bassline. Not to mention the drums are super crisp and carry that rhythm perfectly.

All this and I haven’t even mentioned the name of the artist or track – check out “Van Gogh” by Bronze Whale featuring¬†Jon Von Letscher below.

“Van Gogh” is the first single off of Bronze Whale’s upcoming EP War Of Art¬†(Out EVERYWHERE 6/16/2015)