The state of Nevada has just announced an astronomical new tax of a whopping 9% on ticket sales for live entertainment events, specifically targeted at previously exempt EDM festivities. Set to come into effect this year, it could seriously increase ticket prices for events such as EDC LV 2016, where tickets already go for $400.

“Even though EDC will not be impacted this year, this tax increase could force us to operate at a loss in the future.”

– Jennifer Forkish of Insomniac told BBC.

She goes on to describe the laws as “…extremely detrimental to our industry, one that generates hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue for local and state governments.”

Burning Man, on the other hand, plans to take the loss themselves. Still, their spokesman described the new tax as “misguided.” Adding that

“Burning Man is a non-profit organisation that spends more than $11m in Nevada, has vendor contracts with local businesses and is a strong supporter of arts around the state… Burning Man participants contribute more than $40m annually to the Nevada economy – they pay their fair share of sales and gas taxes, and they are tremendously supportive of local businesses.”

However unfortunate it is, the fact of the matter looms: Vegas just got even more expensive for dance music revelers.