As Armin van Buuren‘s tour of India came to a close, he sat down with national news site The Hindu to talk about his perspective on the EDM scene. One of his most common acknowledgments was of the fleeting nature of specific genres within the greater EDM movement.

Trance is not the most popular genre in electronic dance music at the moment. But, it’s the closest to my heart. . . Dance music is like an oil stain. It has spread throughout all other genres of music. There’s electronic beats in most pop albums, and even in classical music, they’re working with dance music influences right now. I like that dance music is constantly reinventing itself. It will never go away, but it will change.

For years, his A State Of Trance radio show has consistently kept the global listener base captivated and involved in trance’s evolution. Being able to boost the reputation and awareness of producers who are just starting out feels like a repayment to the people who helped Armin in his earlier days, he says.

I always envisioned doing A State of Trance just for a couple years and then moving on, but the trance genre is currently reinventing itself. It’s a lot of fun, as a DJ, to be in the middle — between the audiences and producers — passing along the music and following the development of this sound that I like the most. I’m very glad to say that, every week, two hours isn’t enough. I usually have enough music to fill three or four hours with good, inspirational tunes. I’m deeply honoured by all the positive things that are happening. The show wouldn’t be where it is without the fans, so it feels amazing to see so many people celebrating along. This is what I meant with ‘turning the world into a dance floor’.

After speaking briefly on his time in law school, Armin discusses his thoughts on India and its vibrant EDM culture. His stop in Hyderabad comes as the very first festival to be centered entirely around a radio show.

I love the vibe of the country. Indian fans have a great understanding of dance music. India has a huge EDM following and the scene has only grown multi-fold since the last time I visited. It’s going to be an intense night of eclectic trance, state of the art production and stellar line-up. It’s definitely closest to my heart as it’s one of my most ambitious trance tours. This was one of my biggest dreams. I think I’m going to be the first DJ to ever to own a festival of my own. The State Of Trance, my radio show, will now be turned into a full-scale festival. Hyderabad has some outstanding cultural lineage and I’m looking forward to do some sightseeing this time around. I think Hyderabad will be the next big dance music destination after Mumbai, New Delhi, Goa and Bengaluru. I’ve heard that some of the biggest names are making a headway into the city.


Source: The Hindu