Tabloids are tricky things, aren’t they? Notorious for stretching the truth, or forgoing it entirely, these publications have a habit of pissing off the wrong people. This latest skirmish involves Avicii, Madonna, and The Daily Star. Writer Jack Hardwick recently interviewed Avicii and took most of what he said about his recent collaborations with the Queen of Pop out of context. The Swedish DJ/producer teamed up with her to produce her latest album Rebel Heart, but after creative differences Madonna and Avicii parted ways after only three songs.

In a short audio clip from the Daily Star, Avicii tries to choose his words carefully, saying that he preferred his leaked demos to the final studio cuts of the three tracks he worked on, as they were simply better. Whatever the case may be, the two splitting ways ultimately ended up being detrimental to Madonna, whose Rebel Heart album tanked.  Even though it’s clear that Avicii did his best not to paint Madonna in a negative light, The Daily Star immediately went for the vicious headline to make it seem like she went on an egotistical rampage which “ruined” his songs. While there haven’t been any comments from Madonna’s camp, Avicii fired back yesterday.

Check it out below.

Or maybe your shitty interviewers ruined what could have been a good interview 🙂 @dailystar

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Source: The Daily Star

Photo: Rutger Geerling