When I first saw Dillon Francis‘ web store, I noticed there were a lot of ridiculous and expensive things you could purchase in the “Awesome Shit” section. For an easy $50 he’ll tweet your best friend a personal message. If you’re feeling adventurous, he’ll do your taxes for $2000 (but we’d avoid that one you know, considering he’s not actually a CPA).

While some of these are a little outlandish, some are actually realistic and would be pretty cool if you could afford them.

Last night, someone dropped $15,000 for Dillon Francis to play their party, a bar mitzvah. But hey, if you’re going to spend that much for Dillon to be at your party, it better be for something special. Dillon tweeted that he was on his way to the big bash in Chicago yesterday, and reassured everyone that his booking fee was, in fact, going to charity.

Dillon also snapchatted the event as well, making sure to point out all the moms who got down to tunes like his smash hit “Get Low” and his remix of Galantis’ “Runaway (U&I).”

If you want to see what other charitable things Dillon is offering, head to his website, or catch him on Snapchat (dillonfrancis).