Since the introduction of YouTube’s 360 feature, artists have been having an absolute field day. The new interactive technology brings fans and artists even closer together by allowing them to directly interact with their media, and the artist by proxy.

We’ve already seen Avicii use this to great effect in the video for his track “Waiting For Love”, and now we see Hardwell using it in his recap video from his Ultra performance in Miami.

Yes, the video is coming a little late, only just now being teased before his imminent performance at EDCLV, but his team promises it will be worth the wait.

Always one step ahead of the curve and following in the success of his debut artist album ‘United We Are’, Hardwell now welcomes fans to join him on a fully immersive 360 experience, with an innovative look behind the scenes of his recent Miami Music Week escapades.
Utilising forward-thinking 360 cameras and all-new technologies, let Hardwell take you on an impressive behind the scenes tour of his latest Miami trip as he prepares for his main stage Ultra set in his hotel room, drives around the city top-down with familiar faces Dannic, Dyro & Kill The Buzz and shops for sneakers around Miami Beach – but it doesn’t stop there.
Setting himself apart from many single dimension aftermovies, the future-forward equipment rigged with a multitude of cameras and visually stimulating additions, offers up a full 360 degree view that the audience can easily watch via the latest version of the YouTube app.
Become part of Hardwell’s beach-side party and join in with the Revealed team fun via this exclusive 360 experience – full video coming soon!