Two of the dopest dudes in Los Angeles music just collaborated on a mini-EP and it’s absolute electro bliss. Le Castle Vania is no stranger to high-energy productions, having released his Feels Like Fire EP last year and touring with Feed Me.

At first glace, Addison seems like a new name. Or is it? Addison is the new alias of Schoolboy, who you might remember from “Zombies Ate My Homework” or “Aftershock.” After being silent for the past couple of years, this should be his new rise to glory.

Both tracks exemplify the intense energy and skill that both producers brings to the table, with “I Want You” bringing in a little more jungle flavor and “What We Do” being much more electro driven. They share a common core of synths, which makes even this tiny EP seem like a complete work.

Check out the tracks below, and download here if you’re feeling it.