So many tracks are vying for the position of “perfect track for the summer” that I feel like I’m getting a sunburn sitting at my desk. It’s all just too bright. I think at this point it’s less worthy of your time to become the “one track” than to become a part of something bigger – a playlist, a set, what have you. Dave Edwards just officially entered his hat into the running.

Remixing one of his “favorite new pop artists”, Dave Edwards puts a tropical/progressive spin on the song “All Of You” by Betty Who. The vocals are nearly untouched, owing to the powerful skill of Betty Who herself. The original is already heavily poppy and house-laden, and Dave Edwards took full advantage of that. With minimal additions, very carefully selected and applied, he turned the already hit tune into a summer EDM anthem.

Check it out below, get your free download here, and check out the extended mix while you’re at it.