The hype has been real behind the track “Slowly” which Proximity revealed with an “ID” as the artist nearly a month ago today. Now, finally, the mysterious artist(s) behind the incredible single have revealed themselves.

They’re an LA-based trio named Dropout, and their story surely fits the name.

“The three of us — Ethan Davis, Ray Nowak and Selden Cummings — have been friends since high school, and after we decided to drop out of each of our own musical projects, we came together and created this group.”

Their music is clearly something special in it’s own right. Carrying a heavier, more emotional vibe through the entirety of the track while still retaining the dance-ability of house music. With all three members contributing vocals and years upon years of production experience, in collaboration they are an unstoppable force.

“We want our music to help listeners not only dance their faces off, but also find a sort of meaning or release in that dance, beyond just the fun of jamming out.”

We at Your EDM were also honored to host a giveaway of two tickets to the revered Electric Daisy Carnival, Las Vegas. Participants were to solve a crossword and then guess who the ID artist was via Tweet or Facebook, and although we received several correct entries, Alex Higley was the first to guess it correctly and therefore has earned himself a trip to the legendary festival for him and a friend!

Check out “Slowly” below, which will be releasing via Big Beat Records.