You might remember Sam F from SNL’s notorious EDM skit last year. He was the actual producer behind the fictional DAVINCII‘s “When Will The Bass Drop”, a humorous but undeniably fun track from The Lonely Island featuring Lil’ Jon‘s signature vocals. Though this electro banger brought him into the spotlight, most of the music on Sam F’s SoundCloud is of a much different flavor. Coming from the San Francisco Bay Area and it’s distinctive hip-hop scene, he has a remarkable talent for creating unique remixes of hip-hop tracks.

Sam F’s remix of Chedda Da Connect‘s “Flicka Da Wrist” takes the Vine sensation and puts a future house spin on it. The result is incredibly danceable and significantly more refined, with masterful vocal chops and a blissfully bouncy beat. The remix is currently available for free download on Sam F’s SC. Check out the song stream and a short music video below. Sam F is also planning on releasing tons of new material soon, so make sure to keep up with him on Facebook.

Sam F | Facebook