I still enjoy listening to Avicii’s “Levels” from time to time. SUE ME. It’s hard to deny the feelings you get from one of the biggest songs in the last 3 years. Though many hate it, I think we’ve passed the point of it being overplayed to it being a funny addition to any set. But if you’re going to play it, it has to be done right, and by a DJ with more than enough clout to pull it off.

So naturally Deadmau5 did it over the weekend.

As someone who’s been to an Unhooked set, there’s no denying Deadmau5’s skill as a DJ. He knows how to work a room with a steady stream of good vibes. Mau5 packed the house out at New York City’s Verboten this past Saturday, fresh off his closing set at Governor’s Ball. While there’s no exact rhyme or reason as to why he decided to throw in the melody from “Levels,” he did it in an impeccable way, weaving it into Oliver $‘s “Doin Ya Thang,” an essential house tune before mixing into his own “Moar Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff.”