Summer Session Festival in Darwin, Australia recently implemented a strict “no shirts off” policy in a pointed attack against the festival bro. Summer Session’s organizer, Guy Dunne, is adamant in his pursuit of curating a festival for all, and he’s holding fast to discouraging certain behaviors, which has apparently worked quite well this year!

There were fewer reported incidents involving security and attendees getting rough, which the organizer is attributing to the “no shirt, no party” policy.

“There were signs everywhere saying ‘no shirt no entry’ and it really changed it and made it more about the music… A lot of these gym-goers and that sort of thing love showing off their big muscles and that’s great but just do it from under a singlet.”

While this rule goes against a code of freedom of expression, which is typically embraced at music festivals, so do hordes of other policies like Mad Decent’s kandi ban. Have a look at the Summer Session 2015 Launch Movie below and judge for yourself.


H/T In The Mix | Photo by Vice