And you thought techno tracks seemed endless? Radiohead’s Thom Yorke just broke the record for longest recorded song in history. “Subterranea” clocks in at 482 hours, which is over 480 hours longer than the previous longest recorded song in history. But it’s not for any upcoming Radiohead album – the lengthy song served as the soundtrack to artist Stanley Donwood’s art exhibition The Panic Office in Sydney, Australia which ran from May 21 to June 6.

While the name may not ring any bells, Donwood has been invaluable to Yorke and the band, as he created all the original artwork for Radiohead’s albums since 1994’s The Bends. Yorke composed “Subterranea” with experimental sounds carefully crafted to last the duration of the exhibit, complete with Sub-woofers in the floors and highs installed in the ceiling. No word yet if the installation will be making an appearance in any American museums, but fingers crossed.